How to Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Electricity is a fantastic tool that has revolutionized modern technology, but it can be dangerous if used incorrectly. It comes naturally to us as adults to avoid electrical hazards. Curious children, on the other hand, are prone to mistaking danger for entertainment.

At Transformation Electric, we always put our customers’ safety first. Here is our guide to teaching your children about electrical safety. We hope these tips and techniques keep your children safe and encourage them to use electricity responsibly.

Electrical Sockets and Cords Should Be Avoided

While childproofing is an excellent additional safety measure, it is still critical to teach your children to avoid electrical outlets and cords. Everything becomes interesting to your child once he or she begins to crawl. It turns out that electrical sockets fascinate not only electricians, but also babies. So, if you notice your child approaching an electrical socket or cord, tell them emphatically, “No!” and redirect their attention to a safe alternative.

Take Them On a Tour

The more your child can associate the world around them with the words you say, the more they will remember. Take a tour of the house, pointing out the electrical sockets, power cords, and the electrical panel, and discussing the safety precautions for each. Tell them, for example, that it is dangerous to put objects in electrical sockets or to pull on the power cord.

You can also go outside to discuss electrical boxes, power lines, or outdoor outlets. Your children will have fun while learning how to be safe if you make electrical safety interactive.

If They See Fallen Wires or if Someone is Injured, They Should Call 911.

When your children are old enough to understand how to use a phone, teach them to call 911 immediately if they see an electrical fire or someone who has been injured by electrical shock.

Finally, do not use water to extinguish an electrical fire, parents. The most effective way to put out an electrical fire is with dry chemical fire extinguishers.

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