May is Electrical Safety Month: Home Safety Recommendations

It’s National Electrical Safety Month! This is the time of year when we raise awareness about potential electrical hazards. Electrical malfunctions cause an estimated 35,000 home fires, over 1,130 injuries, 500 deaths, and $1.4 billion in property damage each year, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI).

Learning how to use your home’s electrical system and electronic devices correctly can make a significant difference in how efficiently your electricity works for your home. It can also aid in the prevention of electrical accidents, keeping you and your family safe.

Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets.

Using adapters and extension cords, make sure your outlet isn’t being overloaded with too many devices and appliances. Furthermore, only one heat-producing device (coffee maker, hair dryer, etc.) should be plugged into an outlet at a time, and refrigerators, ovens, laundry machines, and other major appliances should be plugged directly into the wall rather than through an adapter or extension cord.

Always Turn Off The Power

If you ever have an electrical problem, always turn off the power at the breaker box. Check to ensure that the outlet, fixture, or switch is turned off before beginning work. Then connect something, flip a switch, and use a tester. Cutting the power and testing the circuit will only take a few seconds.

Look into Flickering Lights

A flickering light usually indicates that there are loose wires somewhere in the fixture or the circuit. Or that the bulb has blown and there is no longer a steady flow of electricity. Tighten the light bulb. If that doesn’t work, contact us.

Contact A Professional

If your lights are flickering, your circuits are frequently tripped, you see sparks, or you smell burning or rubbery odors, it’s time to call a professional electrician. These warnings indicate a larger electrical problem that must be addressed at the source as soon as possible rather than waiting it out or relying on a temporary fix.

If you have questions about your current electrical system, need a home inspection, repairs, or an upgrade please contact Transformation Electric today.