What You Need To Know About Ceiling Fans

Do you want to replace the dated light fixtures in your home with a more modern, multi-functional option? Consider all of the wonderful benefits that ceiling fans have to offer.

Do Ceiling Fans Help You Save Money?

When used correctly, ceiling fans can result in significant energy savings in the home. A high-efficiency and powerful ceiling fan may be able to keep you comfortably cool with a pleasant downward breeze while only using 10 watts or so, whereas your central air conditioner may use up to 4,000 watts. Fans with reversible blades will also improve the efficiency of your home heating system in the winter.

Ceiling Fans During Different Seasons

Winter Months

In the winter, ceiling fans can help you get the most out of your heating system – Change the settings on your ceiling fans to spin clockwise instead of counterclockwise during the summer, and you’re good to go! A clockwise motion forces air up to the room’s outer edges, then down along the walls to the floor, where it returns to the center, rising once more. This motion distributes all of the nice heated air from your HVAC system evenly throughout your home, saving you money on heating.

Summer Months

Ceiling fans can help you stay “Cool” – We’re not just talking about their visually appealing ambiance. Ceiling fans are a practical and cost-effective way to reduce your summer cooling needs. Using ceiling fans throughout your home to create a wind chill effect can keep you and your family comfortable enough to lower your thermostat temperature by 4-7 degrees F, saving you up to 30% on cooling costs. Still undecided? As an added bonus, the wind generated by ceiling fans makes flying pests scatter, keeping summer pests at bay.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

When ceiling fans are not used on a daily basis, they quickly accumulate dust and other potential air contaminants. A dirty ceiling fan, rather than circulating air to improve your home’s indoor air quality, may disperse allergens throughout your home. An old pillowcase is a great tool for quickly (and safely) cleaning your ceiling fan.

Use an old pillowcase to remove excess dust from the fan’s canopy, down rod, and motor housing. Getting rid of the dust on the motor will also increase its efficiency. Slide the pillowcase over each fan blade, gently press, and then slide off to clean the individual blades. When finished, shake out the dust and throw the pillowcase in the washer.

Where Can I Buy Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are available at nearly every hardware or home improvement store. Choose the most efficient model that is appropriately sized for the room where it will be installed. You will also want to make certain that you select one with the best mounting system for your needs.

Mounting systems will include various length down rods that can be adjusted to fit different ceiling heights. Flush mounting fans are most likely the best option for rooms with low ceilings.

Need Assistance 

Remember that we recommend not doing DIY electrical projects on your own. Contact Transformation Electric to get those ceiling fans installed. Start saving energy while keeping cooler or warmer, using your new ceiling fan.