Signs That Your Home Needs Electrical Work

Make sure your home’s electrical systems are up to code before buying a new house, especially a home that needs work. However, how can you tell if the electrical systems in your house require urgent repair? Here is a list of five signs that your home needs electrical work in order to determine if you need to contact an electrician here at Transformation Electric

Flickering or Fading Lights

A circuit that is overloaded, a defective circuit breaker, or poor wiring may be the cause of flickering or fading lights as you turn on your light switches. When this persists or occurs frequently, it’s time to contact an electrician.

Any Buzzing Sounds

It’s a concern if you hear buzzing while the lights are on. The noise you hear may be the result of damaged circuitry, most commonly close to the outlet or switch. Take care of this as soon as you can because it could become dangerous in the future.

Broken Wires 

For any exposed cables, age, bending, corrosion, heat, and other factors can all cause damage to wire covers. Electrical wire that is exposed poses a significant fire risk. All damaged wiring should be immediately replaced by Transformation Electric.

Different Pronged Outlets

Before you start bringing your furniture inside, take a look at the outlets around the house. The electrical outlets in your home should be three-pronged if it was built after 1970, and ground fault interrupter outlets if it was built after 1990. These ground fault interrupters shield people from electric shock in the case of an electrical problem.

These are electrical standards, therefore if your home only has outlets with two prongs, you’ll need Transformation Electric to repair the wiring so that it complies. These problems should have been mentioned during your inspection report as well.

Getting Shocked

When turning on switches or touching an appliance, you can experience a little buzz, shock, or tingle if the ground fault isn’t working or if the wiring isn’t done properly. Call Transformation Electric to ground or replace the wiring once you have ruled out ordinary static shocks that occur frequently in the winter.

You Could Have Electrical Problems That You Are Unaware Of

These aren’t the only things to check for, and even if your home doesn’t exhibit any of these five signs, there may still be signs that your home needs electrical work. Any electrical problems you may have can be handled by the professional electricians at Transformation Electric. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.