Is It Possible to Convert a Light Switch Into an Outlet?

Can a Light Switch be Converted Into an Outlet?

The answer is yes, a light switch can be converted into an outlet.  If the wiring can be located at the source and one of the wires—the neutral or white wire—can be linked to the neutral source, then the answer is yes, a switch can be turned into an outlet. Changing a light switch into an outlet involves precise electrical wiring, which is best confirmed using a voltage tester.

How to Convert a Light Switch Into an Outlet

Most of the time, getting your light switch converted into an outlet that serves as both an outlet and a light switch is the best choice. As a result, you will be able to turn the outlet on or off using the switch. You also have the choice of leaving the light switch in place and adding a simple extra outlet for plugging in electrical gadgets.

It is possible to accomplish this, but it is crucial to determine what procedures must be taken in order to convert a light switch into an outlet. However, this is a process that should be performed by a professional electrician. Our skilled technicians at Transformation Electric are here to help!

Why You Should Contact A Professional 

The inherent danger involved in changing your own outlets makes it a bad idea to undertake your own electrical maintenance. For instance, when working on the switch, you run the risk of electrocution if you do not accurately identify the circuit that the switch is on and turn it off.

Additionally, you won’t want to make errors like trying to plug the incorrect appliance into the socket or flipping the light switch that could create a future fire risk. The wires may be properly connected for the switch to function. When you flip the switch, you can mistakenly reverse a hot wire and a neutral wire, which could result in an electrical shock. It is highly recommended that you seek the help of a qualified electrician to convert a light switch into an outlet to prevent any potential safety issues.

Transformation Electric’s team is skilled and qualified to convert a light switch into an outlet.  For more information, contact us today!