Could the Lightbulbs You Use Make a Difference In Your Electric Bill?

the benefits of LED

By adopting energy-efficient lighting, you may illuminate your home for less money while using the same amount of light. One of the benefits of LED lights is that an average household saves roughly $225 in energy expenditures annually by installing LED lighting, which accounts for about 15% of the electricity used in a typical home. …

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The Relationship Between Weather and Energy Usage

The weather has a significant impact on natural gas and electricity usage. Heatwaves are frequently mentioned as having an impact on price, but it’s not only hot weather that can have an impact. Extreme colds or big storms also have a significant influence on supply and demand, which can lead to price changes. Weather Conditions…

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Should You Invest in Solar Christmas Lights?

It’s time to untangle those extension wires and hang those Christmas lights now that the holiday season has come. They may not appear to be much, but string lights do require power, and if you leave them up for several weeks, you may find yourself with a shockingly hefty electric bill once all the presents…

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