Upgrade Your Electrical During A Remodel

If you live in an older home, like many families, it’s possible your home has actually needed an electrical upgrade for a while now, depending on when you last had it done. Because much of your electrical system is concealed behind the walls, it can be easy to overlook when planning a remodel. Here are the reasons why you should consider upgrading your electrical during a remodel.

One of the reasons that we advise clients to upgrade their electrical during a remodel is because it adds immense convenience. A problem with older bathrooms, and especially older kitchens, is a lack of outlets and outlets with poor placement. You should have outlets at least every 4 feet, which is a bit closer than the electrical code minimum requirement (6 feet) but which we think you will find extremely helpful. Adding additional small appliance circuits to a kitchen is also a good idea to help with the larger number of powered devices that modern kitchens require.

Another reason is to meet the power needs of new appliances. If your home electrical system can’t keep up with the power demands of your home appliances, you could be faced with frequent circuit breaker trips and an increased risk of an electrical fire as circuits in the system overload. So, upgrade your electrical during the remodel to be able to take the load can be important—especially in an older home that wasn’t designed with modern power demands in mind.

Generally speaking, it will spare you a great deal of time, money and hassle to do what needs to be done all simultaneously. Ready to upgrade your electrical contact Transformation Electric today at transformationelectric.com/contact/