Power Surge Protection This Winter

Is your valuable electronic equipment safe from the potentially disastrous effects of a power spike caused by cold weather? 70% of power outages in the United States are caused by extreme weather, with the winter months bringing a slew of storms that can cause outages and surges. Homeowners now own a much wider range of sophisticated and expensive electronic equipment, making power surges more problematic than ever.

Winter Power Surges: What Causes Them?

Power surges happen quickly and may inflict a lot of damage in a matter of seconds. Due to fallen tree branches and ice, which increase the likelihood of downed poles and power lines, surges are more common during the winter months. Power surges can occur when these lines are damaged, or even when they are being repaired. Surges in the winter can also occur when:

  • Storm winds force different wires to contact each other.
  • Increased heat consumption leads to rolling blackouts.
  • Fallen branches conduct energy between the various wires.

Types of Surge Protectors

For complete protection, multiple layers of surge protection coverage are required. Surge protectors for the entire house can’t handle 100% of surges. Despite the fact that all three categories are suggested, a combination of Type 2 and 3 devices will provide appropriate protection.

Type 1: Protects your entire house from electrical wires on the street.

Type 2: Protection for the entire house between the meter and the breaker box.

Type 3: Point-of-use protection for your home’s wall outlets.

Only as strong as your grounding 

Even the greatest surge protector will fail to safeguard your property if your home and outlets are not properly grounded. To ensure efficient surge protection and avoid the need to replace expensive equipment due to failure, have your property evaluated for grounding concerns by Transformation Electric.

We can help you keep your house and equipment safe from power surges. Give us a call at 724-266-7177 for additional information on why you should buy a surge protector or for advice on whole-home protection alternatives.

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