When to Replace or Upgrade Your Electrical System

We take electricity for granted. Until, of course, we don’t have it. If you’ve lived through a prolonged blackout you know what we mean. But not all electrical problems are caused by catastrophic events. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you probably need to upgrade your electrical system:

  • Do your indoor lights frequently dim or flicker?

If your lights frequently dim, especially when you use appliances like the microwave or an air conditioner, that’s a red flag that your electrical panel needs to be replaced.

  • Do you frequently have circuit breakers tripping and fuses blowing?

Even if you (or a previous owner) got rid of the old fuse box long ago, the circuit breakers that replaced it might be outdated now too.

If your home was built before, say, 1990, it probably has 100 to 150-amp service, which was fine for meeting most 20th-century home electrical needs. Today, though, the standard is 200 amps.

  • Do you find yourself having to use a lot of extension cords or power strips to support all of your devices?

This is one of the little things that may go unnoticed by many homeowners. Throughout the years, we have consulted a lot of clients. And in some cases, we have been pointing out that using a lot of power strips is not necessarily the right solution. Changing your electrical panel with a newer model will allow for better safety when operating higher-demanding appliances at once. It will also allow you to install more outlets and more circuit breakers in the panel.

Call in the Professionals: If you think you are good with power tools and can manage upgrading on your own, brush that thought away. It is never a good idea to go down the DIY route when it comes to handling electricity.

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