Start 2021 Fresh With Transformation Electric

2020 was full of plenty of uncertainty and while things may still feel that, how can I start fresh?

Well, first thing is working to keep your space clean to help you have a healthy new year. We think one of the best ways to do this is installing an air purification system in your home, particularly the Iwave R. The Iwave R is one of many types of air purifying devices which installs into any ducted air system. Why would this help keep you feeling fresh in the new year? Well, these keep the air in your home fresh and clean. The Iwave R removes the hydrogen molecules from viruses, bacterias and molds, causing them to die.  The Ions also attach to allergens causing them to clump together in particles large enough to be caught by your systems filter.

This could play a huge role in staying healthy while we are still battling this pandemic. By having an Iwave R installed, you eliminate 99.4% of COVID-19 in 30 minutes and 90% of all human Coronavirus like the common cold and the flu in 60 minutes. This of course can help ensure you are breathing clean air while you are in your home, keep you healthier and safer in your house. The Iwave R does help with these illnesses which is huge during a pandemic but it has the benefits of helping those who have allergies too. People with allergies will notice a difference in the air quality as more allergens in your have become trapped in the air filter.

Is this a difficult process to install and maintain?

This is a simple process that Transformation Electric would be happy to install for you.  The installation requires removing the front cover of the furnace and connecting the air purifier into the existing electric source in the furnace control panel. You should have one for every furnace in your home to ensure the air you’re breathing is as clean and pure as possible. Another bonus to the Iwave R is that it cleans itself. Transformation Electric chose this air purification system for that reason. This makes it easier for you to maintain and you do not have to worry about maintenance unlike some other products like UV lamps.

These simply get installed right into your furnace and Transformation Electric would be happy to do this for you. The process takes about an hour to install and it requires removing the front cover of the furnace and connecting the air purifier into the existing electric source in the furnace control panel. You should have one for every furnace in your home.

We also recommend  yearly maintenance to check on the operation of the Iwave R to be sure that it is still doing its job. Checking on this is included in our annual maintenance for our service plan members. While you might not think to have an annual check up for all things electric, we strongly recommend doing so because it can ensure your electrical system is running smooth and safe. Similar to getting your car maintenance every year, you should be sure you’re doing the same for what is making your home run. Eventually the Iwave will need replaced, but it is expected to be replaced when you need a new furnace. The Iwave has a 3 year manufacturer warranty if installed by a licensed electrical contractor, so it guarantees 3 years of clean air for you.

How would I know that my Iwave R is working properly?

Well the easiest way to tell is the green indicator light on the unit.  When that light is on, the ionizer is working. If you don’t want to check the light, there’s a couple of other things that might tell you that it is keeping your air clean. One of the biggest differences you’ll notice with the Iwave R is the dust in your home. Have you ever seen the light beams coming in through your window and there’s dust particles floating in your air? The I wave R will work to collect these and if you can’t see those anymore, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do! Not only will it eliminate those floaters, but it will decrease the amount of dust you’re seeing on your shelves, table tops or any other surface in your home. The Iwave R will keep your air clean and your home. Not much is better than that! 

Another indicator that this is working is how fast the smells in your home go away. If you’re cooking something with a strong scent, like fish, the smell will be gone much faster than it would without an air purification system. These not so great smells will be cleared out and no longer need to linger. While this can be great for cooking just about anything, it can also help in newer homes or a space you might be remodeling. If you’re repainting rooms in your home, that strong smell can be really distracting and bothersome for weeks at a time. With the Iwave R, the smell can be eliminated much quicker than what it would take on its own. Allowing you to breathe in fresh air much sooner!

So what are my first steps to getting cleaner air in my home?

Give us a call. We would be happy to help you install your own Iwave R air purifying system for your. This is the best way to ensure you’re consistently breathing clean air when you’re at home. While this may seem like an expensive purchase, these units last a long time and help keep you and your family healthy. During a time like this, with risk of illness all around us, taking all safety precautions is something Transformation Electric feels is really important to keep you healthy. With all of the benefits of this system, we feel this is an addition to your home that is worth it. At Transformation Electric, we are always looking for ways to help improve your safety through your electrical system or in any other way we may be able to help.

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