How to Stay Safe From Electrical Hazards During a Storm?

Electricity drives the modern world and we often take it for granted. Severe storms and natural disasters can cause a variety of electrical safety hazards in and around our homes. Transformation Electric has some electrical safety tips that you can use to keep you, your family and your electronics safe during a storm.

Before The Storm

Before the storm hits, make sure to charge all phones and other communication devices.  Then, unplug all electronics, and move them as high as possible to avoid water damage from flooding. Turn off the main power breaker feeding the home to prevent any surges to the wiring and equipment.

After The Storm

One of the primary electrical hazards after a storm is a downed power line. Some of the general public may have the mistaken view that power lines automatically shut off somehow if they hit the ground. Of course, that’s not true. You need to call and report the downed power lines.

Preventative Steps and Safe Work

There are various ways of protecting people from the hazards caused by electricity, including insulation, guarding, grounding, and electrical protective devices.


  • Know the location and how to operate shut-off switches and/or circuit breaker panels. Use these devices to shut off the equipment in the event of a fire or electrocution.
  • All electrical cords should have sufficient insulation to prevent direct contact with wires. In a laboratory, it is particularly important to check all cords before each use, since corrosive chemicals or solvents may erode the insulation.
  • Disconnect the device from the source in the period of service or maintenance of the device.

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