Electric Fireplace Safety

Electric fireplace models effectively heat small areas without the need to turn up the furnace, saving you money on your energy cost. For a small investment, electric fireplaces can improve that warm autumn sensation in your home.

Electric Fireplaces: With realistic-looking flames and visually beautiful designs, an electric fireplace, also known as a fireplace heater, is an electric heater that simulates the appearance of a fireplace. They come with the same safety recommendations even though they are far more durable than the typical space heater. Electric fireplaces heat the air in a room by using internal heating coils, then use a fan mechanism to push the heated air back out into the room.

Safety Advice for Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are a little less frightening to use safely than conventional space heaters. Compared to space heaters, electric fireplace heaters are much more durable, making them practically impossible to tip over. As with conventional space heaters, it’s crucial to abide by the safety regulations for electric fireplaces. This includes the following safety precautions:

  • Keep All Additional Items at a Safe Distance

Keep other items, such as blankets, devices, furniture, or toys, away from your electric fireplace heater. Never put anything on top of your electric fireplace,  leave at least three feet of space clear in all directions.

  • Do Not Touch the Surface

During use, the surfaces of your electric fireplace may get hot to the touch. When in use, it’s recommended to keep any contact to a minimum.

  • Never Leave Kids or Animals Unattended

Avoid leaving your kids or pets alone when using your electric fireplace. 

  • Never Use Your Electrical Fireplace Outdoors

Electric fireplace heaters are solely intended for use inside. Do not use an electric fireplace outdoors.

  • Ensure the Security of Your Outlets

Never use an outlet that you believe to be hazardous with your electric fireplace heater. You should never utilize a frayed or damaged cord or plug. Consider having your electrical system inspected for safety if you have any doubts.

  • When You Are Not Using Your Electric Fireplace, Unplug It

Always disconnect your electric fireplace when it’s not in use to be cautious and to help minimize the risk of any fires.

  • Never Make Modifications to Your Electric Fireplace

Making changes to an electric fireplace can be very risky. When issues arise, go to the owner’s manual immediately. A qualified electrician from Transformation Electric should be hired to complete any modifications or repairs that are necessary.

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